Skye proposal at Armadale castle

Kris was a little nervous about his proposal, and with good reason, as he had asked Alba to marry him once before, and she had politely declined. He wasn’t going to be put off this time and asked for our help and we were only too happy to oblige.

Alba’s mother and her two best friends from South America were planning a visit to Scotland. Kris had planned a short tour of the highlands and wanted to propose somewhere special on Skye. His parents had got engaged at a castle on a visit to Skye and he wanted to borrow some of the luck this had brought them, and share the moment with those closest to Alba. With this in mind we suggested a walk about the gardens at Armadale Castle, and a secluded spot where we would be lying in wait to capture the moment and the reactions.

We try to leave as little to chance as possible. Kris was armed with a detailed map showing where we would be. We knew what he would be wearing and we had sent photos of what to look out for. We also had a bottle of fizz and glasses for all to hand. We were all set with a bad weather back up plan up our sleeves and on what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year, we took our places to lie in wait.

Kris wanted his proposal to be a very Scottish affair and even wanted to wear his kilt, and so had made up an elaborate story about why everyone had to be dressed up for their visit to Armadale. He had told them that he wanted everyone to be smart for their photos whilst on their holiday, and had been ensuring everyone had been dressing smartly for three days beforehand as well!

Wearing a kilt and jacket made Kris easy to spot as he and Alba walked through the gardens and they came straight to The Old Laundry where we were ready for them. Kris took a deep breath and fell to one knee, and we kept everything crossed, as far as it is possible with cameras on your hand, that this time he wouldn’t be disappointed…

She said yes!

Alba’s mum cried and was clearly delighted, her friends were trilled to be in on such a special occasion and Kris and his best friend looked relieved. Mission accomplished!