We were delighted to have a proposal with a boat trip included when David suggested that he would like to propose at Loch Coruisk.

This was a proposal that needed a back up plan, always a good idea here on Skye, as the boats to the loch don’t run if the wind is up, for obvious reasons. It also needed some good acting skills on our part as we were going to have to spend an hour with David and his girlfriend Julianne on the way over, without giving the game away. This was easy for David, he’s an actor, but for us a little more tricky as we had to try not to be too friendly with all the passengers just in case we let something slip!

Luckily the weather was amazing and we set sail as planned. We had a plan to get David to a great spot and ensure he had plenty of time to pop the questions and a photoshoot before the boat returned to Elgol. The boat operators give passengers lots of information about the loch and surrounding area which is a great distraction and we had a moment when Julianne went below deck to reassure David that we were all prepared and speak about how we would all get to the right spot once ashore.

Once at Loch Coruisk we headed off to the designated proposal spot, where we took some photos of each other and them moved out of the way to allow David and Julianne to see what we were making a fuss about… and allow us to get into position to catch the moment.

The plan worked perfectly and Julianne’s very loud reaction was just fantastic. Her shouts of delight echoed all around the loch and no-one was in any doubt that she had said yes! David arranged for some messages from their friends and family to be uploaded to his phone so that Julianne could see the reactions of her family to the news that he had proposed. She was amazed that no-one had given the game away before they left the USA!

We used the remainder of the time ashore for a glass of fizz (camera bags are great places to hide bottle and glasses) and then headed back so that David and Julianne could share the news with all the family who were dying to hear how it had gone.

Proposal photography Isle of Skye